Cosmetic Dentist Brisbane

Here at Ashgrove West Dental, we offer a whole-person, caring approach to cosmetic dentistry, giving patients the opportunity to restore their smile and functionality with a range of cosmetic procedures.

Is cosmetic surgery the solution for you?

Having chipped, crooked or misshapen teeth can have you hiding away your smile and be reserved in meeting people. Cosmetic dentistry could open up a world of confidence as you look and feel fabulous, and people warm to your bright smile.

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Our range of cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

Tooth Whitening

Improve the look and brighten the colour of your teeth for a whiter smile, reduced staining, and to resistance to discoloured teeth. Choose a dental whitening regimen to suit you, with minimal sensitivity and gorgeous results.

Composite Veneers

Repair the front of your teeth and give yourself a full straight set with composite dental veneers. The resin composite matches your surrounding teeth, even taking on the natural tones as do your natural teeth, so is undetectable in your row and gives you a natural-looking smile.

Porcelain Veneers

For strong and long-lasting cosmetic enhancement for your teeth, porcelain veneers are ideal. They are highly durable, hold their colour, shape and appearance for longer than composite veneers, are low maintenance and give you that beautiful smile and natural feel for many years to come.


Restorative dentistry for the whole surface of your tooth, a porcelain dental crown will restore function, repair chipped teeth, strengthen the structure and improve the appearance of your teeth while offering protection against future wear, decay and breakages. Perfect for those who have thin shells, former cavities or root canal operations.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth? Fill that gap in your row with a dental implant. When you have lost a tooth completely, we replace the root and permanently secure your replacement ceramic tooth to a titanium foundation. Fix the gap with the best of modern dentistry.


Subtle orthodontic treatment to straighten and improve the appearance of your teeth. Coax your teeth into line with Invisalign braces. Clear, unobtrusive and almost undetectable, and able to be removed for cleaning and eating, Invisalign will enable you to show off your teeth while shaping them into a beautiful natural smile.

Why choose Ashgrove West Dentistry as your cosmetic dentists?

Our Brisbane dentists help you through the process of cosmetic dentistry, from your first contact with us to your complete happiness with your dental results. We make sure you are fully informed and make great choices in what you want out of your dental cosmetic service. Our gentle and caring approach to your cosmetic dental care means that you will have all the good advice and support that you need.

Cosmetic dentists that take care of you, as well as your teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Ashgrove West Dental?

Our genuinely caring dentists are only focused on looking for the best options for you. We are privileged to have been trusted by the community for over 60 years. Some of our patients are the 4th generation from their families to attend our dental practice. ​

Understanding our patients’ concerns is of high importance to us, therefore, endeavouring to maintain our fees below the national and state average, despite constantly rising costs, is our mission. Our quality of work is never compromised, as the most researched and reliable materials and techniques will be used for you.

Being able to support great local Australian dental laboratories is what we love. Many dentists send their crown, bridge, implant, denture, plate and splint work overseas. We are proud to use local laboraties based on what you need. A huge thank you to Hade’s Dental Ceramics (Kenmore), Drew Kelly Dental Lab (Ashgrove/Toowong), Stevenson Orthodontic Lab (Ashgrove), Paul Buchanan Dental Ceramics (Red Hill) and Hi-Tech Dental Lab (Murrarie). We have built a strong relationship with some of these guys spanning over 50 years!

Our dentists are passionate about dentistry, therefore, by attending to regular conferences and courses to remain updated with our knowledge and undertaking further training is of high importance to us, so that we can provide our patients with the best quality service they deserve.

People of all ages are more than welcome at our practice, as we look after patients ranging from 9 months old to over 100 years old! Providing a wide range of dental services to cover all the needs of our patients is our aim. Accomodating for our patients is of high value to us, therefore, we have free on-site parking for your convenience.

We always accept new patients, so give our friendly staff a call 🙂

How often should I see the dentist?

We recommend 6 monthly visits to help maintain your teeth and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Regular preventative and maintenance examinations allows us to diagnose any dental conditions that may arise, and when picked up early enough means that treatment is much simpler and less costly.

How can I improve my oral hygiene?

To ensure your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible, we recommend regular check ups, along with flossing and brushing twice daily. Limiting the use of mouthrinses, sugary foods, and tobacco products will contribute to maintenance of good oral hygiene.

What is included in a check up and clean?

The purpose of these appointments is to prevent any dental conditions and maintain the health of your teeth. We assess your medical history and discuss any problems or concerns that you may have with your dental health. Next we assess your teeth, gums and all areas of the mouth to ensure they are healthy. A thorough scale and clean will be done, followed by fluoride treatment. X-rays may also be taken at your initial visit with us, which are then updated every two years after that.

If I have a tooth ache or broken a tooth outside of your business hours, what should I do?

If you are having problems or concerns with your teeth, please call the practice and leave a message with your name and contact details, and our friendly staff will return your call the following business day. We can provide our patients with same day appointments for all tooth related emergencies. In the meantime, it is important to try and avoid the area as much as possible, including eating or drinking any hot or cold items as they may make your symptoms worse.

I have private health insurance, how do I claim my treatment?

Here at Ashgrove West Dental, we support a variety of health funds, and are also preferred providers for BUPA and HCF. For your convenience, we have HICAPS terminals to make instant claims. We simply swipe your health fund card, authorise the claim and the gap can then be paid either by cash, card, or cheque.